Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Debussy: Children's Corner - 4. The snow is dancing (1906-1908)

Blessing Power of the Buddhas

  Sacred Objects, Secret Lands   by Norma Levine

      What a refreshing book to start out my 2012 New Year.  I love this book because it reminded me of the precious "focuses"  I have that hold energy, that have importance, and energy and consciousness within them.   Every one of them serves a divine purpose to bless and direct my life, or hold a particular
concept and field of intelligence for a particular purpose for my life.

I decided also to value even more so, this year, my "pilgrimages"  to special places on my weekend car trips, opening up to the nature there, the water, the trees and animal life.

Everyone should have or wear a sacred Talisman.  I know this sounds a bit witchy, but it isn't.  It is a special medallion, necklace, crystal, or artifact or statue which holds a special memory and meaning for you.   It has the power to center your mind and heart back to what is important and true with your mission.
It acts like a GPS to your divine Star. 

The book which is more deeply beautifully reminding me of this subject would be Autobiography of a Yogi, by Yogananda, which if you have not read this, do so quickly.  It is a classic, and the most beautiful understanding of seeing the world as sacred in every object, action and situation around you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Value your regular stopping place-Your favorite cafe, shop, old theatre or bookstore.

     There is something reassuring about an old place, off to the side of the road, always the same.  As I pulled off I-90 from Idaho to Missoula, I was looking forward to something familiar and enjoyable.  I must have missed her billboards and felt a panic she may have closed her store.  It had been there FOREVER.  I Love! the Montana Valley Bookstore in Alberton, Montana.  As I rolled down the tiny main drag, there it was, still open on the left.  Walking in,the owner, Keren Wales, was terribly busy engaged in some conversation with a customer talking about, I don't know what, and I felt so happy to enter into this world of hers.  It's like a portal of permanent illumination, and no matter what is happening in the world, this place is off limits to the chaos.   I usually go right for the oldest books in the back, behind the register.  I see what I want and unfortunately have to climb up on her counter to reach these three precious gems.  On both sides of her counter are the rarest collections, gold leaf, embossed, engraved on old leather, wood, beautiful drawings, artwork, etc.....  am I exaggerating? 20 feet high these shelves are.  That old book smell eventually drives me back to my car or I would stay there for HOURS!. I could easily get lost in that feeling of finding the perfect treasure that you know called you off the road in the first place to her maze of literature.  It only took her a few sentences describing a previous customers' irreverent request of wanting the Rome book I held in my hands in order to rip out its paintings for framing and selling them to the public.  I knew she had me.  I had to buy the book. ( I already scoped out two others...did I need these very old large and strictly for amusement books at 50.00 a piece?  No) and her rebuttal to his requests  to convince me I needed this book.  I reassured her I would only scan the paintings and never wreck the book.

Here are the three recently purchased:
ROME: painted by Alberto Pisa-Text by M.A.R. Tuker & Hope Malleson  1905 70 illustrations.
ROMEBelow are a few of Pisa's impressionist paintings. You can check out his other works here:   Golden Age Paintings

Book Number Two
The Chronicles of Charles the lX by Prosper Merimee
No obvious date of publication, I am assuming late 1800's early 1900.

Here are some illustrations, there are dozens!

  And the Third, is the Alhambra, by Washington Irving, drawings by Joseph Pennell

The illustrations are numerous throughout the book.  Here is an example:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The List

"Romance of Two Worlds" Marie Corelli
"The Life Everlasting"  Marie Corelli

"Phylos the Thibetan" Phylos
"An Earth Dwellar Returns" Phylos

"The Magic Presence" Vol Godfrey Ray King
"Unveiled Mysteries" Vol ll Godfrey Ray King
" I Am Discourses" Vol lll   Godfrey Ray King

"Zanoni" Lytton
"The New Atlantis"   Bacon
"Spontaneous Evolution"  Lipton
"Evangeline"  Longfellow
"Sacred Fire" Lillback
"Saint Germain on Alchemy"  Prophet
"Autobiography of a Yogi"  Yogananda

"We Are Not Alone" Andrew Tomas
Arabian Nights
"Chela and the Path"
El Morya 

Dead Sea Scrolls
Nag Hammadhi Library James Robinson, Editor
"The Holy Grail"   Lord Tennyson

"Pleasures and Regrets" Marcel Proust
"The Tempest" Shakespeare
"Life of Francis Bacon"  Dodd
"The Gospel of Judas"
"Full Cycle"  Webb
"Wheels of Eternity" Greaves
"Testimony of Light"  Greaves
"Initiation" Haich
"Secrets of Prosperity"  Annice Booth
" The Original Laws of Success" Orne publications 1925  Napoleon Hill ( pre-Think and Grow Rich)
"Wheel of Rebirth" H.K Challoner  ( a must!)
"Kriya Yoga"  Hariharananda     Paramahamsa Prajnanananda  Prajna Publications

Mr. William Argone: the key to Shakespeare  ..By Thorlief T. Naae

Domestic Perfection!
"Home Comforts, the Art and Science of Keeping House" Mendelson

"The Masters and the Path" Leadbetter
"Dictionary of Word Origins"  John Ayto
"Practicing Peace in Times of War" Pema Chodron
"The Life Divine"Sri Aurobindo